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Preethi, Nnamdi, and Dylan volunteer to help register participants for GenX study

Preethi Thunga, Nnamdi Osakwe, and Dylan Wallis have been volunteering for weekend efforts to recruit participants for the GenX study, led by Dr. Jane Hoppin.

Concurrent evaluation of mortality and behavioral responses: A fast and efficient testing approach for high-throughput chemical hazard identification (2021) Frontiers in Toxicology


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Preethi earns her Master's degree in Functional Genomics

Preethi Thunga completed her Master's degree in Functional Genomics. This degree is en route, meaning that she completed the extra degree requirements while continuing to wwwork toward a PhD in Bioinformatics.

Preethi part of winning 'Pack Hacks' team

The team of Preethi Thunga, Kuncheng Song, and Caizi Huang won the Pack Hacks competition with this entry that built an interactive dashboard for estimating + comparing student debt:


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Preethi wins Best Presentation award at the 2021 Genomic Science Symposium!

Preethi Thunga won the Best Presentation award at the 2021 Genomic Sciences Symposium for her lightning talk (oral) presentation entitled: "High-throughput chemical hazard identification using behavioral assessments in zebrafish" 

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Preethi Thunga earns full PASS on PhD qualifying exam!

Preethi earned a full PASS on her qualifying exam and is now officially a PhD candidate in Bioinformatics! 

Joint retreat in Oregon with Tanguay + Reif labs

The Tanguay + Reif labs met in Oregon for their second joint retreat. 

The retreat started with scientific sessions and lab tours at Oregon State University and the Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Lab (SARL) in Corvallis. We then moved to the Oregon Coast for more scientific sessions, hiking, and int…

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Preethi Thunga joins the Reif Lab!


Preethi is pursuing her PhD in the Bioinformatics graduate program.

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